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Justin was my first introduction to guitar and was definitely the right choice. He is very down to Earth, knowledgeable, and has a hands on approach to teaching that I found very effective. We spent time learning foundations and then applying those foundations into songs I wanted to learn. We would then spend plenty of time trying to grow my improvisation skills which pushed me out of my comfort zone and definitely helped me grow as a guitarist. All in all Justin was definitely the right choice to fall in love with playing guitar.     


-Drew Beeman

My 7 year old son has been going to him for guitar lessons and thinks he's great. He had another teacher for about a year and never seemed particularly interested in practicing and never got excited for lessons. It's a completely different story with Justin. My husband drives almost an hour each way to take our son and thinks it's worth it, that's saying a lot because he values his precious weekend time. I also like how he's straight forward about pricing and is more than reasonable. Highly recommended.


-Ericka Man


Justin is an exceptional guitar teacher. I’ve been having difficulties finding the right teacher until I came across his page. He is very straightforward with his lessons. My past guitar teachers seemed either impatient or bland with their lessons. I was learning chords from them and simple songs but I was easily bored. With Justin, he educated me on modes and economy picking, which set me off to a great start. I actually looked forward to our lessons even though he was an hour away from my house.

In addition, he is full of knowledge with the metal world and would educate me on where certain riffs came from or the history of death metal. I think it’s important to understand the history of the music you’re passionate about and he certainly helped me become more knowledgeable about the music I love.

He’s incredibly patient and every time we had a lesson, I would feel more comfortable playing in front of him (I have stage fright). He truly loved teaching and I’m happy I found him. You won’t be disappointed. Take lessons from him and you’ll fall in love with guitar in no time.

-Diana Tran


I've been playing guitar for 16 years, completely self taught and never learned scales or an type of theory.  I came across Justin's as, told him my story and we started a week later.  Justin is extremely patient and accommodating and his musical knowledge is unprecedented.  Don't let the long hair and penchant for prog/shred licks fool you.  He's well versed in multiple styles, can play anything and explains things simply and effectively.  Old dogs can be taught - I'm living proof.  If my kids wanted to play guitar, I would bring them to Justin's studio for lessons.  I'm slowly learning and applying techniques he's taught me, but in the year that I've been playing guitar under his tutelage I'm a much better and more competent guitar player than I was before.  I fully endorse and support Justin's Academy.


-Patrick Julian 


I came to Justin knowing nothing about guitar. I really didn't think I'd be able to play because I tried years ago when I was younger, and gave up. He was able to help me learn at a much faster pace, and make it not seem like practicing. He had me writing songs using everything that we would learn each week. I loved this because the exercises and techniques that I learned made a lot more sense when I could see how it works, and comes together. At his studio he's able to show cool examples of things that he recorded on his computer, and break things down so I could understand his process. It would usually go hand in hand with what we were learning, helping me be able to write music using those ideas. Overall, Justin changed my attitude towards guitar playing, and helped me become more confident in my playing. 

Another thing to mention is he has a very calm, and down to earth personality that makes the lessons have a really good vibe.


-Alejandra Cabrera


Justin's deep knowledge of both guitar and music in general makes him a very skilled teacher. He's been through all the phases of playing guitar, and can skillfully walk you through each phase of learning with a custom plan based on your own habits, strengths and desire. 

If you can play only an hour a week or have very little time, he can write efficient lessons for you and offers lessons via Skype. If you want lessons every day, he can accommodate that as well. 


Justin is a great mentor and is very versatile in both making and teaching music, I would recommend him for people of any level!

-Ed Koc


Justin has a knack for technique and correction when it comes to it. Quite possibly the most informative, personable teacher I have worked with. After years of practicing my technique, he was still able to correct my form, and make playing easier for me. Hands down, the best, and not only from a teaching standpoint, but from knowledge, creativity and personality as well. So easy to talk to, and so easy to listen to. No matter your style, or your taste, he is the one for you.

-Brian Rosen


Justin has been teaching our daughter for a year.  She has been thrilled that she doesn't have to leave the safety of her own house  and is so excited every Wed when she knows she gets to play.   His skill and connection on our daughters level has been so fun to watch.   We can not say enough wonderful things about his teaching style and how we hope he is a part of our daughters learning environment for many years to come.


-Devon Dupuy


Justin is absolutely the best guitar teacher and I would also recommend him to anyone, regardless of what level your playing is at. He really stresses the importance of practice and stresses that there is always something you can learn on guitar, and that the journey never stops, which makes it really enjoyable. He can help you with any subject when it comes to guitar and really there is no other teacher like him. If you're thinking about starting to play the guitar, or feel like you're stuck in a rut, or whatever the case may be, getting lessons from him is the best choice you can make!


-Lucas Schaffer 


Very knowledgeable teacher who has a knack of knowing your skill level and what you would like to achieve and start you at that point! Very kind! Justin really helped me out with my trouble areas!!! I would highly recommend him!


-Gary Steffen 

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