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Professional musician, Justin Kellerman has been playing guitar for 18 years. His passion grows each day by teaching others and working on musical projects, such as Empyrean Sanctum, which he is the founding member and composer since 2008. Justin is Former Lead Guitarist for The Monarch, which featured Former members of Soulfy and Borknagar. Justin is also a Former Guitarist of Divinity Compromised which featured members of The Skull and November's Doom. Justin has big plans including recording the second album for his project, and growing his private guitar lessons. 


Music is a huge part of Justin’s life and with his extensive creative background, he loves to share his musical knowledge with those who have the same love and passion for music. Justin welcomes all players from novice to advanced, and with his detailed hands on approach, patience and positive nature, whatever your goals are, your musical journey will be an amazing one.